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Below are the various body treatments that are offered at our spa.

Physiodermie Aromatherapy Local Body Peeling - 45 min.

This treatment enhances the effects of the Body Polish treatment to remove unsightly dead skin build up after winter and on trouble areas such as the feet, ankles, knees and elbows. This is an excellent cure for stubborn ingrown hairs, folliculitis or granulation. This treatment improves circulation, is extremely stimulating to a sluggish lymphatic system and will leave you with amazingly radiant baby-soft skin.

Physiodermie Full Body Seaweed Wrap - 60 min.

This treatment contains a special blend of seaweed and plant extracts that activate blood circulation while refining, detoxifying, re-mineralizing and moisturizing the skin. This wrap, is rich in natural vitamins, amino acids, minerals and chlorophyll, has natural healing properties.

Physiodermie Full Body Thinning and Strengthening Cellulite Treatment - 60 min.

These treatments promote skin tone and firmness through the beneficial effects of essential oils, seaweed, plant extracts and marine extracts. The addition of appropriate essential oils activates the natural processes of fat metabolism and increases the elimination of toxins from the body to help you achieve a trimmer figure.

Physiodermie Full Body Detoxification - Vichy Shower - 60 min.

Cleanse your body with this wrap made exclusively from the sea and detoxifying essential oils. This treatment includes perspiration and increases elimination of toxins via the skin so that you are left feeling energized, restored and ready to face the world.