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Authentic Mink lashes

$250.00 - fill 65.00

Mink lashes are a great natural alternative to mascara and have been a secret of the Hollywood starlets for years. They are retrieved by brushing the Mink, ensuring that no animal is harmed. A lighter weight extension allows you to get a more dramatic and enchanting effect.

Faux Mink/Synthetic lashes

$200.00 - fill 50.00

Butterfly eyelash extensions give you longer, thicker and natural looking eyelashes. The extensions are semi-permanent and are made from single strands of synthetic eyelashes that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash.

Boost your uniqueness with adding a touch of coloured lashes to accentuate the natural hue of your eye.

**Maximum wait for fill time 4 weeks**

Artistic Eyelashes

Swaroski crystal - $7.50

Draw attention to detail and embellish with Swaroski crystals at corner of the eye.