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Winds of Change Day Spa currently offers the following facials listed below. If you have any question about any of our services, please contact us.

Physiodermie Serene skin facial - 55 min.

This serene facial is ideal for people with sensitivity, allergies and Rosacea prone skin. This soothing decongesting treatment with extracts of chamomile, mallow, linden, plankton, valerian, rosewood and witch hazel, will gently diffuse redness and inflammation while reinforcing your fragile capillaries. Your skin will emerge refined, purified and soothed.

Physiodermie Hydrating skin facial - 55 min.

This treatment is by far the strongest, most natural and intensive treatment we may ever use on the skin. It specifically targets dehydrated, sun-damaged, pre and postoperative facial tissue. The treatment bonds moisture within the inter-cellar spaces and is excellent for binding, healing and hydrating skin to maintain the inner support of the epidermis.

Physiodermie Complex skin facial - 55 min.

This treatment is designed for the skin types vulnerable to emerging impurities. The potent effects of natural botanical extract and essential oil of lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender Vera and lichen will combat over-active oil glands and shiny skin. These normalizing and anti-bacterial ingredients diminish break outs, calm inflammation, refine texture and prevent future skin problems.

Physiodermie Acne skin facial - 90 min.

The aim of this facial is to eradicate the bacteria from the skin in order to prevent additional tribulations. A precise purification and strengthening of the skin is performed, following by a detoxifying mask. The calming and soothing bioarome is then applied to calm and liberate the surface of the skin irritation and aggravation.

Physiodermie Oxygenating skin facial - 90 min.

This innovative treatment increases the circulation and oxygenates the depleted skin. A revolutionary enzymatic peel followed by a tonifying and stimulating mask infusing a specialized botanical extract into the skin. This facial produces noticeable and lasting results with a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, improvement in elasticity and increased radiance of the skin.

Physiodermie Anti-Age Revitalizing facial - 90 min.

An anti-aging facial that cleanses and treats the skin with botanical extracts infused in a highly concentrated tonifying and balancing mask. An intensive serum of Essential Oligo Concentrate which is massaged into the skin, followed by a mask. This fluid is to be an anti-aging treatment and provides a moisturizing and mineralizing action to enrich, nourish, detoxify and prevent skin tissue slackening.

Physiodermie Back Treatment

Individual back treatment.

Physiodermie Eye Treatment

* Add on x15 minutes available
* Hot Stone add on available